Marketing Your Program

The effective use of marketing and communications strategies is essential to the success of your mentoring program. Start by asking the right questions:

  1. What groups of people do you want to reach regarding the activities of our mentoring program?
  2. What do you want those groups to do in response to your outreach efforts?
  3. What information do those target audiences need?
  4. Will you need to tailor different messages for different audiences?
  5. Which of the following methods would best reach your target audiences?
    • Print ads
    • Radio/television public service announcements
    • Web media
    • Newsletters to partners and key community members
    • Flyers and brochures
    • Appearances and presentations at local events
    • Testimonies from current mentors and participating students
    • Networking through key community contacts
    • Use of evaluation results to highlight program successes
    • Use of inclusive language and images in all marketing materials
  6. How will you gauge your community’s awareness of your program?
  7. What organizations and agencies might you partner with to expand your outreach to your target student group and/or lower the cost of mentoring outreach efforts?

Appropriate Methods to Convey Your Message

A variety of media can be used to market your program and opportunities for involvement. From brochures to flyers, posters to t-shirts, consider your messages and the most appropriate format and distribution methods to convey them. When marketing the mentoring experience to young women, you will want to convey a sense of exploration and of fun. The Collaborative has designed a colorful logo for you to reproduce on flyers, posters and other marketing materials using the slogan “Unlock Your Future.” Below are customizable documents you can use to create marketing materials for your program. The “Unlock Your Future” logo is embedded in each file or you can download it as a separate image file.

Customizable Marketing Materials